Thanks for joining my Audiobook Review Team!


* Please note that the guidelines for the Audio Team are different from the ones for my eBook Review Team, so make sure and read them all.

To make things as easy for you as possible, I'll use some 'Sorting Hat' magic at the bottom of the page to break you up into 2 groups: Audible users and iTunes users. If you have both an Audible account and an iTunes account, I'm going to put you in the iTunes group. Here's why:

Audible limits how many free download codes I can give away, while iTunes does not. The Audible codes will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis, and I can't guarantee you a free copy of the next book even if you reviewed the previous one.  There is no deadline to leave your review, but only the first 50 people to send me their Audible review will get a free code for the next book. Being in the Audible-only group will be like playing musical chairs, so I encourage you to select the iTunes group if you can. I can give away as many of those copies as I want.

If you're an iTunes user, this is how the Audio Review Team will work for you:

1. You'll request a copy of the audiobook and I'll email you a password to get it.

2. Listen and write a review of it at your leisure. Really. Take as much time as you want.

3. Send me a screenshot of your review once it's live. I guarantee you'll get the next audiobook for free.

Alright, let's move on to the rest of the guidelines...


My audiobooks are averaging 14 hours long. Can you commit to that? Again, there's no deadline to listen and review; I just thought you should know before you request a copy.

Ratings VS Reviews: There is a HUGE difference between 'ratings' and 'reviews' at both retailers. A rating is just choosing an overall rank between 1 - 5 stars. It's better than nothing, but it doesn't tell potential listeners anything about the audiobook. Reviews are when you not only choose the star rating, but you also write out your thoughts and opinions on the audiobook. That's what I'm looking for. Please write a review (with words) instead of just leaving an overall star rating.

* No matter what retailer you're assigned to, you can also post your review onto Goodreads for some 'extra credit'!

What to include in your review: Audiobook reviews are a little different than eBook reviews because you have more elements to consider. You have the story, the sound quality, and the narrator. Was the sound quality nice and clear? Did Nick Cracknell's acting skills bring my characters to life? Does he have the kind of voice that makes you want to hear him read the dictionary? Did he use any of your favorite accents? Did he make you laugh? Did he make you blush? Did you enjoy his storytelling enough to want to listen to all of the books he narrates?

Your review can be as short or long as you want, but please help me out by writing more than one sentence. It will be a breeze if you answer some of those questions I just asked. Audible also makes it easier by asking you similar questions.

How to send me your review: No searching for links this time. Just email a screenshot to I'll have different instructions on how to do that depending on where the Sorting Hat sends you.

Tell it like it is. This kind of goes without saying, but be honest in your review. If there were elements that you didn't like, please share the reason why.

Disclaimers? Forget about 'em! There is absolutely no need for you to include any kind of disclaimer in your audiobook review, unless you really, really want to.

Actually, I have a disclaimer for you: The Amazon Echo was the hottest tech gadget sold this past holiday season. Audible users can ask Alexa to play my audiobooks once they're in your library--I've tried it and it's awesome...especially when I'm cooking dinner and my fingers are gooey! However, my stories are adult romances with adult language and adult sexual intimacy. Please don't play them in the car or on a speaker where young children might hear, because sometimes technology gets it horribly, horribly wrong.

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