The Annika Brisby Series ~ Book 4

A heinous crime.

An empire in turmoil.

And a modern girl at the center of it all.


Darkness has fallen on the Marinossian family, leaving ruined lives in its wake and leaving Annika to pick up the pieces. With a deadly doppelgänger still on the loose, she’s escorted back to America to wait out the storm…however long that may be.

A world away, Talvi has been dragged to the desolate prison on Bleakmoor Island where he awaits trial for murder. His time in solitary confinement has pushed him to the brink of madness. The only thing keeping him from completely losing his mind is the mysterious inmate in the cell across from him. He’s one of the Näkki—the half-demon dark elves who were banished from his country hundreds of years ago. As Talvi gets acquainted with his new friend, he begins to question his convictions. He vows to get some answers if he ever gets out alive.

The question is, will Annika be there if he does?


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