Annika Brisby (AWnicca) – feisty 25-year old American rocker chick who is sassy and confident. But getting trapped in a fantasy world has made her begin to question herself. Spends a lot of time being exasperated at Talvi...and then making up with him.

Main character in the series.


Talvi Marinossian (TALvee) – 300 year old wood elf whose age is equal to Annika. His voice (and everything else about him) is silky, smooth, & seductive. His dad’s a former diplomat & a judge… All the Marinossians learned English near London and will speak with a RP accent. Not stuffy, or snobby though. Maybe a bit relaxed, as they live in the country but are a well-regarded family.

Main character in the series.


Aghavni (ahGAHVnee) – Ohan’s wife, mother of 7 rambunctious troll boys. Holding it together but at her wit’s end. She should sound strong but tired, and is over the moon to have adult conversation about something other than Ohan’s precious sheep. Give her a softer, warmer version of Ohan’s accent. Whatever you want for the trolls.

Only in book 1 near the end.

Althea 2.jpg

Althea Marinossian – Talvi’s mom. (Sorry about her name being so similar to Anthea! Just think of the mom aLthea being Long in the tooth. It might help.) She’s warm and nurturing. Gentle. In book 1, 2 & 3.

Ambrose - Copy.jpg

Ambrose Marinossian – Talvi’s father. Good humored until crossed. More jovial than Finn. More serious than Talvi. Frustrated by his youngest son but also understands him better than most people. All the Marinossians have the RP English accent. In all 3 books.


Anthea Marinossian – Talvi’s older sister. She’s not a snob but she’s very proper and a little bossy/sanctimonious. Frequently frustrated at the language Talvi uses in front of her small children Stella and Sloan. Is distressed that her husband Asbjorn is missing for all of book 1. Regains her confidence in Books 2 & 3 now that he's back. Also is pregnant in books 2 & 3, so she's a bit moody.

In Book 1, 2 & 3.


Asbjorn (AZbyorn) – Talvi’s brother-in-law/Anthea's husband who was missing throughout all of book 1. Has a small role in book 2 and a significant role in book 3. Psychologist. When Finn starts to struggle with inner demons, Asbjorn is his external voice of reason. He also teases the hell out of his longtime friend and brother-in-law (Finn). Willing to take a punch for delivering a great joke. He’s the father of Stella and Sloan so he’s practical at times, but he truly loves to laugh and has a bit of a wild streak when he’s away from home. Jovial and mischievous. Middle class...studies environmental psychology and raises horses. Whatever accent or voice you like. Maybe a bit of Scottish?


Beatrice and the other ladies at Faline’s hair salon – all American women between 50-80. Kind of like Annika’s aunts and grandmothers.


Chabi (CHAWbee) and Cherbi (CHAIRbee) — these two are both Samodivi of the East-wood nymphs notorious for kidnapping men and having their way with them for days on end. They have hardly any lines and it’s a made up language, so have fun with it.  ;)

Only in Book 1.


Charlie Brisby – Annika’s brother, roommate, & bandmate. Average kind of self-effacing Portland hipster guy. Loves drums, soccer, video games & beer. Says ‘dude’ a lot.

Minor role in series, mostly in Book 2.


Chivanni (Romanian form of Giovanni. I say it with a hard CH like CHair) – An orange-haired fairy. He’s a bundle of nervous energy, lively and bright. Whatever accent you like. Chivanni is more prominent in book 2, and has a minor role in book 3.


Corbin — adflkjasdflj


Cyril Sinclair — Talvi’s boss’s boss’s boss. Executive Director of Modern Intelligence at the London Embassy. Very proper and classy. Wears a bow tie and smokes from a cigarette holder. Usually he’s difficult to upset, so when he gets angry, people know a major line has been crossed.

Has a brief appearance in the beginning of book 3.


Danny – Charlie’s friend and Annika’s ex fiancé. A nice American guy that got placed in the ‘friend zone’ after proposing with a huge ring. Doctor Danny is trying to win her back and dislikes Talvi immensely. He’s mature, responsible, polite, and thinks he knows what’s best for Annika.

Mostly in Book 2 with a cameo in book 3.


Dardis (sounds like Dr. Who’s Tardis) – she’s a blue-haired fairy. Lively and bright, so whatever accent you like.

Minor character, only in book 1.


Denalia – the angsty 14 year old daughter of Pazachi leaders Draganos and Zagora. Denalia has a few lines in books 1 & 2. Her parents are only in the very end of book 1 and might not have any lines.

Dragana (draGHANA) – Druid priestess, & Nikola & Justinian’s grandmother. She’s very, very old. Voice is thin, wispy and creaky. Only in book 1 for a little bit.


Finn Marinossian – Talvi’s older, wiser brother. An accomplished scholar & a perfect gentleman. Nice to a fault.  Secretly likes Annika but will never admit it. He's too dutiful to his family. Has a rich, deep voice. Has a dark side we don’t see until the 2nd half of book 2, and even more in book 3.

Major character in book 1, 2 & 3.


Gerald – an elderly wizard who guards the door of the Embassy home office in London. This guy has seen it all. Weary of the world but still tough as nails. Whatever voice you want.


Gousine (goZEEN) Derbedrossian – Talvi’s aunt, Sevan & Zaven’s mother.  Shrill and pious. Posh, stuffy accent. She’s only in book 1 for a little bit.


Hilda – Runa’s sister and a samodiva (wood nymph) as well. She’s not as silly as her sister. Not picky about the voice, and same preference about no cockney since she’s Runa’s sister. Maybe Scandinavian, as she grew up with Vikings as a child?

In book 1 & 3.


Ishkan (ISHkahn) Derbedrossian – Talvi’s uncle, Sevan & Zaven’s father. An uppity, pious jerkface with an uber-posh, stuffy accent. He’s only in book 1 for a little bit.


James – Annika’s roommate/bandmate/close friend in Portland. He’s a loud, pushy, & cynical Italian-American queen based off of Anthony from Sex & the City. Here’s a short video of him, but I don’t need a strong New Yorker accent (unless you wanna give it a shot). Just that energy. A little shrill/harsh.

His role is small in Book 1, big in book 2, and non-existent in book 3.


Jack – works at the art gallery. Has maybe one line in book 2. American.

Jill – works at James’s art gallery. I had a snowboarder/California/stoner accent in mind for her, but whatever you want.


John & Faline - Annika’s parents – doting middle class & middle aged Americans who’ve been worried sick over their missing daughter. Like her brother Vince, Faline was born in Macedonia and grew up in Paris. She married John (a US marine) and moved around before settling in Portland. John will have a gruff voice. Faline will sound mostly American, maybe with a slight French accent, but don’t sweat it if this is too hard! She’s very warm and caring. They have a few lines at the very end of book 1 and again in a couple chapters of book 2.


Justinian – A jovial paladin (sacred knight) with a booming laugh as big as his broadsword. Built like a brick $h!thouse. Can be serious when it’s called for. Whatever accent you like but he’s Nikola’s brother so they can’t be too different although their voices certainly will be. Justinian’s in book 1 & briefly in book 2.


Konstantin (Constantine) – a vampire elf with a thick Russian accent. Is a lieutenant/underboss in the vampire hierarchy. Has a dark sense of humor. Powerful, hypnotic and deadly, he’s eternally cool, calm and collected. Never gets his feathers ruffled…until book 3 when Yuri slaps him for ignoring her.


Merriweather Narayanaswamy (the last name isn’t that bad…just sound it out) She debuts in book 2. Long name for an elven woman with a short temper. Merriweather is Talvi’s former partner and lover, now she’s his handler. She knows every single one of his tricks and tells. She’s the one person he can’t fool, and she has little patience for his games. She’s usually crisp and professional, but they have a bit of a love/hate relationship and unresolved sexual tension. She works in the London home office…practically lives there too. She’s a workaholic and has no friends. In book 3 she gets severely demoted and will become more desperate to regain her position as book 3 goes on.


Nadira (naDEERah) - the unicorn that speaks telepathically to Annika. Her voice should be something wild & mysterious yet elegant…whatever you think is best. She only has a few lines in book 1.


Natari – druid snow leopard shapeshifter who grew up with Nikola, so they’ll probably have same accent (if any). She’s kind but firm.


Nicolette – French escort who 'takes care' of Finn & Annika at the underground erotic art club in the end of book 2. The quintessential Parisian girl.


Nikola (niCOLA) – Druid grandson of Dragana. Brother of Justinian. Is a human the same age as Annika. Develops a crush on this modern girl. He’s like a clean, humble hippie/forest ranger who can harness the power of nature. More responsible than most of the cast, but not as consistently mature as Finn. Whatever accent you like, as long as it's the same as Justinian since they're brothers. He’s a recurring character who has a significant role in books 1 and 3.


Ohan – an 11 foot tall troll that lives in the woods. But he keeps a flock of sheep and is nice to our cast because they share an enemy. He’s not dumb; he’s just not perceptive to his long-suffering wife’s needs. Maybe he’d be good for a Cockney or Welsh accent? Just have him be the same accent as Aghavni. Have fun with them!


Patti Cake – Annika’s best friend. Patti’s a goofy klutzy art student. More tomboy than girly-girl. American.

In book 2.


Pavelina & Milena (pavaLEENa & miLAYna) – blonde sisters in the pub. They’re country party girls that are sexy and they know it. Used to casually frolic with Talvi years ago but now are just friends. Can be assigned whatever accent you like.

Brief appearance in book 1, longer appearance in book 3.


Pavlo – a vampire who is Konstantin’s right hand man. He was turned at 19 years old in a concentration camp during WW2, which gives him even more of a detached view of humans because he's seen the worst of what they can do. He’s a former surgical student, meticulous, and incredibly strong. He’s just as cool, calm, and collected as Konstantin. He’s Polish. I’ve heard that accent is best described as a blend of French and Russian. Not terribly picky on this, just as long as it’s more musical and refined than Konstantin’s thick Russian accent.

He’s got one line in book 2 and prominent in a few early chapters of book 3.


Pesha (name sounds like Kesha the singer) – a mystical fortune teller at Talvi & Yuri’s birthday party. Whatever accent you like.

Small role in book 1


Runa (Roona) – A wood nymph with a heart of gold, but kind of a blonde airhead. Sweet but gullible. Has a playful, sing-song voice. Not picky about accent as long as it’s not cockney. Maybe Scandinavian, as she grew up with Vikings as a child?

In book 1, 2 and 3


Sandy – uppity American who works at the bank. She’s rude to Annika and rolls out the red carpet treatment for Talvi after he works his magic on her.


Sariel (SARRYel) – mother of Runa and Hilda, but magic has caused her not to age and she looks almost as young as them (early-mid twenties). She has endured much hardship in her life and is a very tough, warrior-like wood nymph. She never makes jokes and is quite serious. Same rule about the wood nymph accents. Can be different as long as it’s not cockney.

In book 1 & 3.


Sasha & Grigori – guards to Derbedrossivic (Talvi’s village) Sasha’s a ham. Grigori is very serious. Please give them both Russian accents.

In book 1 & 3.


Sevan Derbedrossian (sehVON) – Talvi’s cousin. She’s the worst! A total ice queen snob that despises grubby little humans. Very snobby and posh accent. Only in book 1 for a little bit.


Silef/Captain Kovachev – basically there’s a group of undead merchant sailors that can have whatever accent you think will be fun. They like to drink and party. Maybe German or Scandinavian, as they were/are ghost/wraith Vikings. They’re only in book 1 for a little bit.


Sirvat (sirVOT) – Talvi & Yuri’s fairy godmother. Older than the other fairies and more mellow/warmer in her speaking. Whatever accent you like. Tiny role in book 1.


Stella & Sloan – Anthea & Asbjorn’s kids/Talvi’s niece and nephew. Just little kid voices for them. Sloan doesn’t speak much and Stella is giggly and sweet.

In book 1, 2 & 3.


Stephan – Merriweather’s new office assistant, who turns out to be a doppelgänger who kidnaps Annika at the end of book 2 and terrorizes her in the beginning of book 3.  He’s a nasty villain, so whatever voice accent you like.

Takeshi 2.jpg

Takeshi – Natari’s brother. Same details for him. He hardly has any lines, so whatever accent you want. These two are briefly in book 1 & 3.


Tony – henchman vampire from Brooklyn NY who works for Pavlo. A bit thick, mentally and physically, but he means well and he gets the job done.

Tosho 3.jpg

Tosho (TOEshow) – Uncle Vince’s Bulgarian colleague. BG/Russian accent.

Brief appearance in book 1.


Tripp — A modern Paladin (sacred knight) who works for the London Embassy’s Special Forces. Even-keel mentality with a sense of humor. I don't care what accent he has, but he's NOT American!

Only has a few lines in Book 3. Will be more prominent in book 4.

Tosho 3.jpg

Vaj (va as in va-va voom, and the j is like Zsa Zsa Gabor) – a young vampire soldier traveling with Konstantin. He’s a villain who only has a couple of lines and dies in book 1. Whatever accent you want.


Uncle Vince – Annika’s uncle who was born in Macedonia but grew up in Paris. Has a lazy, thick French accent and is kind of lackadaisical, shaggy & unkempt. He’s an entomologist who’s more interested in studying bugs than taking care of himself.

Only in book 1.


Vladislav (baby don’t hurt me) – The oldest known living vampire, and Konstantin’s boss. He’s been stuck in his late 40’s for hundreds of years and is no longer emotionally stable. Power is slipping out of his hands and he knows it. Thick Russian accent…he has some Bulgarian lines I can help with if needed. Only in book 1 for one scene.


Yuri Marinossian – Talvi’s twin sister. She’s a spoiled brat and doesn’t like Annika because it takes Talvi’s attention away from her. She’s a villain in the making, so have her sound a little cold, although her voice perks right up whenever her upcoming birthday party or Konstantin’s name is mentioned. In book 1, 2, & 3.


Zaven Derbedrossian (ZAYven) – Talvi’s cousin. He’s great! Apologizes for his rude sister. Also has the super posh RP accent but he's warm whereas his sister Sevan is cold. I think he’s only got lines in book 1.

Zenzi 2.jpg

Zenzi (ZENzee) – Cousin of Pavelina & Milena. Talvi’s annoying psycho ex. She's the WORST! Not a classy gal. She’s the kind of woman who lies about being pregnant to save a bad relationship. Whatever accent you like.