I'm in the earliest stages of audiobook production, and part of that is finding the right voice to narrate my books. After asking readers what they wanted, it was clear that I had to find someone who was able to capture Talvi while still doing justice to Annika. The books are LONG, so I had to find someone with the kind of voice that I could listen to even if they only read a phone book. I also had to find someone who could do a multitude of accents to accommodate the large cast of characters. I listened to quite a few narrators, both male and female. The ones who didn't make me cringe went on to the next round, where I shared their auditions with my primary editor (who also happens to be an audiobook aficionado). After she listened to this particular audition, she sent me a text: "OMG!!! HE'S THE ONE!!!"

I completely agreed with her.

If you'd like to know what all the fuss was about, have a listen to Nick Cracknell! Note: his audio sample runs about 8 minutes long.