My Boys Have SUCH good manners...

I know, I know...everyone always thinks that they have the smartest pets. But anyone who's ever had a corgi in their lives knows how damn clever they are. "Too smart for their own good" is a phrase I hear constantly among the corgi community. Quirky was pretty smart, and Charlie is too, but their son Harry is in a totally different league.

Not only did he inherit some of Quirky's quirks and some of Charlie's cuddle-bug traits, but he's incredibly sharp. I think he would've been a great agility dog. (Is 10 years old too late to look into this??) I've been trying to get some video proof of exactly how clever the boys are...although the more I watch this clip about their good manners, the more I wonder which one of them is actually the smarter of the two.

PS: How many of you use a 'baby-talk' voice with your fur babies?