Jónsi Birgisson

My first Sigur Rós experience

I'm doing a little photo-journal housekeeping and found this entry from when I saw Sigur Rós perform at the Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon in October 6th, 2008. Please enjoy this photo I took of the elvish, bow-weilding and beguiling Jónsi Birgisson.

Would you like to know what he was playing when I took this photo?
Of course you would.

The video is from the Berkley show a few nights earlier, but they played Sæglópur at the performance I saw. I don't even know where to begin except, can you say mystical dreams and all the things that words will never do justice to? Can you say invoking spirits and caressing our ears with the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard until I cried? It was so powerful and moving, that I would give up a couple of my six senses and even some extra limbs just to hover within this meditative, spiritual experience. I had felt things like this before, but never so concentrated all at one event. The music gave a voice to things I have felt my entire life. The energy in the concert hall was clean and I felt safe...safe enough to open myself completely to this beautiful experience. I felt like my soul transcended space and time, transcended this body and left it behind, and I became one with the air molecules, I was one with each chord and note and beat. I wasn't Emigh anymore. I was just a part of this vast universe; concentrated and swirling on this tiny speck of dust called Earth, contemplating what it meant to be a conscious, sentient being.

I am back in my body again (most of the time), however, I am still contemplating these things. Thank you for sharing your art, Sigur Rós!