Love to read? Love free books?

Oh come on...who doesn't, right? I created the Review Team as a way to thank my readers for taking the time to leave an honest review online. By doing this, you're not just helping my books get noticed; you're helping countless potential new readers decide if they're right for them too. You get free books, I grow my audience, and everybody wins!

Interested? Here's how it works:

Write an honest review for one of my books at the retailer you got it from. Then email me a link to it once it goes live. (A lot of people just forward the email that Amazon sends). Then I’ll record your review and you a free copy of the next book in the series with NO strings attached. You can quit at any time. You can give the book to a friend. Whatevs! As long as you keep sending me links to reviews, I'll keep giving you the next book to read (until I run out of books).

Pretty sweet deal, right?

I just have a few guidelines. Please read them carefully:

* Your review must be posted at an online retailer that sells my books. Amazon is the main one. Goodreads is also fabulous alternative if you can’t leave a review on Amazon.

* If you're an Amazon customer, be aware that they updated their Terms Of Service on October 3, 2016. If you write a review for a book that you DID NOT get directly from Amazon, it's still recommended that you include a disclosure statement at the end of your reviews. However, the language of that disclaimer has changed. Here is the *new* preferred wording:

I received a free copy of this book for voluntary review consideration.


I received a complimentary copy of this book and volunteered to review it.


You can copy and paste either of these disclaimers into your review or write your own, but please don't say anything along the lines of: "I received this book in exchange for an honest review." Apparently the phrase "in exchange for" could get your review flagged and deleted. And that would be sad.  :(

* Once your review is live simply email the link to and we'll send you the next book ASAP.


Q: "I just reviewed the latest Annika Brisby novel, but the next one's not out yet. When will you send me the next book?"

A:  As soon as it's available. I pinky swear...but it might be a while.  These are thick, juicy novels with a lot going on in them. I can't crank them out in a couple months if I hope to do them proper justice. This is exactly why I give away free books from other authors I think you might like. If you want in on that, be sure to join my Readers Club! I send out those newsletters about once a month. I also have a list of What to Read Next, which is 100% reader suggestions from members of my Facebook Group. You're welcome to join the FB group and tell us about other books you love.

Q: "I didn't like the second book as much as the first. Do you still want me to review it?"

A:  YES, because what you didn't care for in the story might be exactly what someone else is longing for. An issue you bring up might inspire/remind me to resolve it in another book. I truly believe you have a right to your opinion, and I embrace constructive criticism. Trust me, I can take it. No obligation to read stuff you don't like, though.

Q: "Does your read-and-review offer work between different series?"

A:  Yes! Totally!

Q: "I don't know how to find the link to my review! What do I do?"

A:  It's really, really easy. If you're on Amazon, they will send you an email once your review is live. Just forward that email to me.

You can also find the link this way:

1. Sign in to your Amazon Account and go to “Your Account”> “Account”

2. Scroll down to Personalization > Community > Your Public Profile

Under your profile picture, go to Activities>Reviews

Click on the book you need the link for.

Click “Permalink.” A new screen will come up for the review. Highlight the web address, copy and paste it into an email, then send it to

If you review on a Kindle or Kindle app, sometimes those don't get posted to the website right away. If it's been more than 24 hours I'd contact Kindle Support and ask them what's taking so long.

Apple iBooks customers have it a little harder. Sorry guys! First, you must leave an actual review and not just a "rating." It might take a few days before your review is live. You are welcome to reach out to Apple Support if you're tired of waiting. Once your review is live, email me the following:

Your user name: for example, GalWhoLoves2Read123

The country affiliated with your account: for example, iBooks Germany, iBooks Australia

I need these two bits of info, otherwise I can't find your review. Alternatively, you can email me a screenshot that shows me this info.

For other retailers like Kobo, Smashwords, etc, please contact their customer support for instructions on how to email me a link to your review.

Thanks so much! I know it might take a few minutes of your time, but you'll get HOURS of reading pleasure in exchange. If you have any questions, just email me!