Why can't I find your latest book for pre-order on Amazon?

I get asked about this question a lot, so here's the scoop on that:

Most major eBook retailers give me an entire year to set a pre-order, so I have them available at places like iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords. (They're listed at the bottom of this page.) Amazon only gives indie authors (like me) a 90 - day limit. Traditionally published books get closer to 6 months, or even longer in some cases! So even if I wanted to create a pre-order on Amazon for The Darkest of Dreams*, it's still too early in the year. (I'm writing this in mid-February 2017) I'd have to wait until May 1 at the earliest. That being said, PLEASE don't look for an Amazon pre-order on that date though, because it won't be there!

Argh! Why won't it be there???

The reason for that is because Amazon is very, very strict about meeting their pre-order deadlines. The other retailers aren't strict at all. Once I set a pre-order date on Amazon, I'm not allowed to change it or miss it. They won't even let me extend it by a single day! Let's say I have a family emergency or a health crisis, and I have to push back my deadline by a couple weeks. Every other retailer will let me do that except for Amazon. Amazon will actually BAN me from creating pre-orders for an entire year if that happens! That hardly seems fair, so I only create a pre-order once I have all the files polished and uploaded and I know without a doubt that I won't miss my deadline. My Amazon pre-orders are typically very short (maybe 2 weeks) because the book is essentially ready to go live. I just like to get a few advance reviews before it goes on sale.

I promise when the Amazon pre-order comes out that you'll be the first to know. I always make big announcements for stuff like that in my newsletters. If you're not getting my newsletters, you can sign up HERE.

* The tentative release date set for The Darkest of Dreams is Winter 2018. The book is currently listed for pre-order at Apple - iBooks/iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords. If you visit www.emighcannaday.com you'll see those retailers listed at the very bottom of the page. If you click on any of those retailers, you'll find the pre-order for it.