Hey everyone!!!

Here is my current Release Schedule/Suggested Reading Order. Because I’ve created such a massive world, it’s inevitable that characters’ stories will overlap and intertwine. While I created the Novi Navarro Chronicles to be read independently of the Annika Brisby Series, I think they’ll make the most sense if you read them in the order that I’ve written & released them. Or you can read Novi 1 & 2, then move on to Annika #1. Once you read Annika #5 you will TOTALLY understand why Novi's story had to be written and shared before that point. It has to do with the BIG PROPHECY we've been hearing about since TFATA. And since I hate spoilers, that is ALL I'm gonna say about that!!!

Annika #1 The Flame and the Arrow

Annika #2 The Silver Thread

Annika #3 The Scarlet Tanager

Annika #4 The Darkest of Dreams

Novi #1 Prince of Persuasion

Novi #2 Crown of Contempt

Annika #5 Title TBA - Autumn 2019

Novi #3 Title TBA - Winter 2019/2020

Thank you all SO MUCH for your enthusiasm and passion for the ever-expanding world of Talvi & Annika!!! 😁🥰💙

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