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Here's a sneak peek snippet from

The Darkest of Dreams*

Book 4 of the Annika Brisby Series

Prisoner TM00769 arrived at Bleakmoor Island on a particularly sunny day in early August, strapped into a dolly with a black hood draped over his head. The sound of angry waves crashing against rocks filled his ears, beckoning him to fall into a false sense of relief. He had an idea of what awaited him inside those walls, but if he could smell the salty air and hear the ocean, then at least he could pretend that he was staying at his cousins’ vineyard by the sea.

“Here we are, darling…home sweet home,” joked one of the burly transporters as he pulled off the suffocating, heavy fabric. Talvi squinted painfully as he took in the sight of a weather-beaten stone fortress looming in front of him. It looked as if it had stood there for hundreds of years. Having been made out of the boulders that spilled into the sea all around it, Bleakmoor was meant to withstand hundreds more. The gated entrance was shaped like a mouth perpetually gaping in a state of misery, and so heavily coated in rust and salt that it seemed an impossible feat when the stiff gears gave a lurch and began to crank it open. Instead of quickly being wheeled inside, the guard holding the dolly tilted it back to an angle that forced the noonday sun to blind Talvi right through his eyelids. He grimaced at the searing heat, revealing a mouth full of metal. There were so many wires knitting his shattered jaw shut that it was impossible to see any of his teeth. He hadn’t been able to moisten his chapped lips properly in over a week, and now they cracked open and began to bleed.

“You better take a good look while you still can,” his guard advised. “It’s going to be the last time you ever see the sun.”

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Want to see exactly where the prison on Bleakmoor Island is? How 'bout a MAP???

* The Darkest of Dreams will be released in early 2018. Don't worry, I'll send out a newsletter announcement as soon as it's available!

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