Prince of Persuasion

Book 1 of the Novi Navarro Chronicles

A dying king.

A dynasty in danger.

A prince with one duty: secure the succession.

Winter 2019

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"It's so different than any other romance. If you haven't started this series yet - DO IT, NOW!" ~ sarah b

"This series gets better and better. The character development is phenomenal." ~ Lorraine Garten

"Depth, desire, and debilitating addiction... I suggest a box of tissues, your reading glasses, lots of coffee, and some chocolate while reading because I promise that you will need them all!!!!" ~ Amber Henderson

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Are you searching for intense romance, serious laughter, and page-turning adventure that might cause a few sleepless nights in bed?

Look no further.


Just check out the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, and you'll see what all the fuss is about. I write stories of substance with spirited leading ladies and a cast of memorable characters that will stay with you long after the last page is read. If you're looking for a fun & sexy wild ride of a read, you came to the right place.


Choose your adventure:

rowdy romantic comedy

Release & Catch

Release & Catch

A relentless man-eater with commitment issues has a habit of throwing back every guy she hooks. Will Sloane keep her latest trophy or get tangled in her own net?

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Fiery fantasy romance

The Annika Brisby Series

The Annika Brisby Series

An aspiring rock star falls into a magical realm of wood nymphs, fairies, vampires and elves. Readers call this blend of romantic fantasy and paranormal romance "spellbinding and irresistible."

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