The Darkest of Dreams, Annika Brisby #4, now in audiobook!

A heinous crime.

An empire in turmoil.

And a modern girl at the center of it all. 

Darkness has fallen on the Marinossian family, leaving ruined lives in its blood-stained wake and leaving Annika to pick up the pieces. With a deadly doppelgänger still loose and most likely in deadly pursuit, she's escorted back home to wait out the storm and heal her broken heart...however long that may be. But when she makes a shocking discovery, she'll do whatever it takes to make things right.

A world away, Talvi has been dragged to the desolate prison on Bleakmoor Island where he awaits trial for murder. His time in solitary confinement has pushed him to the brink of madness. He starts seeing spirits in the shadows and an angel with red hair. The only thing keeping him from completely losing his mind is the mysterious outlaw in the cell across from him. He's one of the Näkki - the dark elves who were banished from his country for seducing demons to gain their powers. As Talvi gets acquainted with his new friend, he catches a glimpse of the black magic gift that's reflected in his demon eyes. Talvi also learns another version of his country's history that makes him question his convictions. Is the oath he made to his country worth the sacrifice he'll have to make in order to keep it? He vows to get some answers...if he ever gets out alive. 

The bigger question for Talvi: Will Annika be there if he does? 

The Darkest of Dreams is the fourth installment of the Annika Brisby Series. It will not be the last.

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"It's so different than any other romance. If you haven't started this series yet - DO IT, NOW!" ~ sarah b

"This series gets better and better. The character development is phenomenal." ~ Lorraine Garten

"Depth, desire, and debilitating addiction... I suggest a box of tissues, your reading glasses, lots of coffee, and some chocolate while reading because I promise that you will need them all!!!!" ~ Amber Henderson

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