Prince of Persuasion

Book 1 of the Novi Navarro Chronicles

A dying king.

A dynasty in danger.

A prince with one duty: secure the succession.

Created when they intermingled with demons, the dark elves of Sinaryos have come to rely on humans to keep their race alive. The royal family is no exception, with a king on the verge of death, a court riddled with spies, and a broken line of succession. Despite everything working against him, Prince Fallon Blackwood has met all the demands of the crown for nearly a hundred years...except for one.

After avoiding this obligation for too long, the time has come for him to take a harem and prove that he's capable of continuing his family's bloodline and ensuring their control of the throne. But underneath his cool and calm exterior, Fallon secretly yearns for a much different life than the one he was born into.

Novi Navarro is a working-class barmaid who's used to running her tavern and running her mouth. When she gets assigned to Prince Fallon's harem by mistake, she thinks it's a complete joke. She makes a deal with Fallon for them to both get what they want from this administrative oversight. But when members of the Blackwood Court discover her true identity, she quickly learns that she must beat them at their game...or die.

March 5 2019*

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Release & Catch

Release & Catch

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The Annika Brisby Series

The Annika Brisby Series

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